Death Grant

If you die in service, a lump sum death grant of 3 times your assumed annual pensionable pay is payable, regardless of how long you have been a member of the LGPS.


Tom worked full time and died on 1 September 2012. His assumed annual pensionable pay was £18,000.  The death grant payable is: £18,000 x 3 = £54,000

Please note

If you also have benefits from an earlier period of LGPS membership, the death grant payable will be the greater of either the death grant in respect of your active period of membership, or the death grant in respect of your previous benefits, whichever is greatest.

Death Grant Expression of Wish Form

The LGPS allows you to say, that in the event of your death, who you would like any death grant payable to, by completing a Death Grant Expression of Wish Form.

The Death Grant Expression of Wish Form allows you to nominate one or more person or organisation to receive the Death Grant.

In the event of your death, the CCS Pension Fund will be guided by any nomination, however retains the absolute discretion to decide to whom and in what proportions any lump sum death grant payable under the LGPS regulations should be paid.

Additional Voluntary Contributions and Extra life Cover 

Where a member dies in service and was paying AVCs or buying extra life cover with one of the Fund’s in-house AVC providers, the Fund will arrange for the accumulated AVC fund or, for the assured sum of life cover to be paid, in the same proportion, to the same beneficiaries nominated to receive the death grant payable from LGPS.

If you have not named a beneficiary, or wish to update the details held, you can download a Death Grant Expression of Wish Form . Details of your named beneficiary will be included on your annual benefit statement and it is important that this is checked and kept up to date.