Late Retirement

If you carry on working after:

  • age 65 – for service before 1 April 2014
  • normal pension age (i.e. equal to state pension age, or, at least age 65) – for service on or after 1 April 2014

you will continue to pay into the scheme, unless you choose to opt out, building up further LGPS benefits.

For each day of LGPS membership, after the ages shown above, to your actual retirement date, your pension benefits will be increased to reflect that you have continued to work beyond your normal pension age.

Your benefits will be paid when:

  • you retire; or
  • you reach the day before your 75th birthday; or
  • if you take flexible retirement, with your employer’s consent,

whichever occurs first.

Your pension has to be paid the day before your 75th birthday.