Children’s Pensions

When the Pension Section is notified of your death, they will establish whether they may be an entitlement to a child’s pension and issue the relevant claim forms.

The amount payable depends on the number of eligible children you have, and is paid in equal shares on behalf of each eligible child.

A child is considered eligible if he or she is:

  • less than 18 years of age
  • has reached the age of 18 but has not reached the age of 23 and is in full time education or undertaking vocational training
  • is unable to engage in gainful employment because of physical or mental impairment and either:
    • not reached the age of 23; or
    • the impairment is considered permanent by an Independent Registered Medical Practitioner and the child was dependent on the member at their date of death due to the physical or mental impairment.

The pension is payable for as long as the child(ren) remain eligible