Presentations and Seminars

The City and County of Swansea Pension Fund is able to offer a wide range of presentations and workshops for both scheme members and employers. 

Examples of scheme member presentations we are able to offer are:

  • Overview of the LGPS
  • Protecting Pension Benefits following reduction/restriction in pay
  • Advanced Planning for Retirement
  • Pre-Retirement
  • Scheme updates

We will also provide training for employers in LGPS responsibilities such as:

  • General Scheme Administration
  • Final Pay Workshop
  • Ill Health procedures

As well as holding annual employer meetings and the annual general consultative meeting, which deal with any topical issues, we will also provide training in any legislative changes to ensure understanding and compliance. 

If you would like us to provide any of the above presentations/workshops or if you identify any other training needs, please contact us to discuss.